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Use of the LPCC Social Rooms 

Area of Hire

Upper Function Room

Lower Function Room

Deck off Upper Function Room

Kitchen & Bar Area

Toilet Facilities off Lower Function Room

Use of Microphones and PA Facility and ability to use HDMI Ports to main screen for projection/video purposes.

Hire DOES NOT include storeroom off lower function room, home, away or umpires change rooms or the nets facility.

Possible Hours of Hire

Friday 7pm till 12 Midnight

Saturday 7pm till 12 Midnight

For Hire Outside of these hours please contact the club directly.

Any request for use of the rooms must apply to Only Club Members are eligible to hire the rooms for events in line with RSA Guidelines. Decision on use of the rooms will be made within 14 days of the application being received.

Set up time outside of the above hours is to be coordinated with the club directly.


Hirers may elect to clean the rooms themselves or may elect to pay a fee of $180 for the clubs cleaners to undertake cleaning for them

If Clubs Cleaner is used, Hirer must still:

Remove all decorations, equipment and belongings of Hirer and Guests

Washing, Drying and Putting away of any Catering and Kitchen Equipment Used

Return of any Tables and Chairs removed by Hirer into the room

Removal of Food Waste

If Clubs Cleaner is not used, Hirer is responsible for:

All above roles and:

Sweeping and Mopping of all Indoor Areas Used

Vacuuming of all Indoor Areas Used

Sweeping of all Outdoor Areas Used

Cleaning of Toilets in Hired Area

Emptying of all Bins and Replacement of Bin Liners in all bins

Wiping down of all bench tops and tables

Alcohol Service and License Agreement

The club will provide RSA qualified staff to serve drinks. A minimum of 2 club staff will be available for all events.

Drinks may be either purchased at Bar Prices or a tab may be set prior to and paid for prior to the event.

Club Bar Staff will inform the Hirer when a tab limit has been reached. Hirer may then elect to add more to tab or patrons may continue purchasing at bar prices.

The Club will ensure the bar is adequately stocked with our regular range. Any additional items required must be advised to the club at least 1 week before the event.

Club Bar Staff are required to comply with the clubs liquor license which will be strictly adhered to.

Club Bar Staff have the right to:

Refuse Service to Patrons Under 18 or to those who can not provide valid Photo ID

Refuse Service to Patrons they suspect may be providing alcohol to Under 18's

Refuse Service to Patrons who appear to be intoxicated

Require Drunk Patrons to Leave the Club Premises

Take any such actions as required to maintain the Clubs Responsible Service of Alcohol requirements

No Externally purchased alcohol will be permitted in the Club Premises

Club Bar Staff are required to stop serving Alcohol 15 minutes before the end of a function or at 11:45pm


The club reserves the right to require the Hirer to provide Security for any event. The cost of Security Staff will be paid by the Hirer


Smoking is not permitted within the club rooms at any time. 

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