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Lions Den Social Membership

The Lions’ Den, previously a supporters’ coterie group, has been rebadged to become the social membership of the LPCC.

All (financial) club members belong to the Lion’s Den.

Per the club’s Constitution (3.01), ‘a person wishing to become a member of the Club shall be deemed a member after paying the scheduled fee, either playing or social membership, as set out by the Committee…’

The social membership fee for season 19/20 has been set at $50.

For an additional $50 (i.e. $100 in total), members can sponsor a player of their choice, with their name being placed under a photo of their sponsored player in the LPCC clubrooms.

Member contact: Treasurer, Tony Luttick.

Members (and their guests) are encouraged to attend at support the boys regularly. We have special ‘Den Days’ scheduled however as days where we’d like everyone to make a special effort to attend, enjoy each other’s company and watch some exciting local cricket.

The ‘Den Days’ scheduled for 19/20 are as follows:

19 Oct: Season launch / Past Players' Day*

23 Nov: Home game v Mont (Bull Browne shield)

* owing to unscheduled Council ground works, 23 Nov has become the Past Players/Premiership reunion day

22 Feb: Pink Stumps Day v Banyule. Sira and Eggy are hosting, and we'll draw our McGrath Foundation raffle immediately after play.

See the Social Events page for more info.