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Rules of the Lower Plenty Cricket Club Inc.

1.01 The name of the Incorporated Association is Lower Plenty Cricket Club Inc. herewith called “The Club”.

1.02 The Club colours shall be - Maroon & Gold

1.03 The Lower Plenty Cricket Club is family oriented, aiming to provide a Community environment which is inclusive to all.

We promote participation at all levels, focussing on developing and supporting members of all ages.

We pride ourselves on being progressive, and encourage all to strive for success.

2.01 In these rules, unless the contrary intention appears:-

‘Committee’ means Committee of Management of the Club.

‘Financial Year’ means the year ending on April 30.

‘General Meeting’ means a general meeting of members convened in accordance with Rule 11.

‘Member’ means member of the Club

‘Ordinary Member of the Committee’ means a member of the committee who is not an Executive of the Club under Rule 21.

‘The Act’ means the Association Act 1981.

‘The Regulations’ means regulations under the Act.

‘Players’ means playing members of the Club.

2.02 In these Rules, a reference to the Secretary of a Club is a reference:-

Where a Person holds office under these Rules as Secretary of the Club to that Person and in any other case, to the Public Officer of the Club.

2.03 Words of expressions contained in these Rules shall be interpreted in accordance with the provisions of the Acts Interpretations Act 1958 and the Act as in force from time to time.

Application for Membership

3.01 A person wishing to become a member of the Club shall be deemed a member after paying the scheduled fee, either playing or social membership, as set by the Committee in accordance with 4.01.

3.02 The Committee has the right to accept or reject the membership of a person. In the event of the Committee rejecting a persons membership, a letter shall be sent, outlining the reason for rejection. The person has 48 hours to appeal the decision of the Committee, which shall be heard in accordance with 7.04

3.03 The Secretary shall keep a current list of all financial members of the Club.

3.04 All opposition Club and Association members and officials shall be deemed to be Club members for a 24 hour period to meet the Liquor Licensing requirements. 

3.05 All visitors to the Club shall sign the visitors book which shall be displayed within the pavilion.

Annual Subscription

4.01 The Annual Subscription shall be set by the Committee by 31 August and is payable by 1 November each year. In the event of the subscription not being paid, the person concerned may not be considered for selection until the subscription is paid in full. Club members facing financial difficulties may discuss this with a member of the Executive Committee and a special subscription may be set.

4.02 Life Members shall be exempt from paying the Annual fee.

4.03 Any player joining the Club midway through the season shall be liable for a subscription as set by the Committee.

Register of Members

5.01 The Secretary shall keep and maintain a register of members in which shall be entered the full name, date of birth, address, home, mobile and business telephone, email address and fax numbers, and date of joining the Club. This information shall only be made available to Committee Members, Senior Captains and Junior Coaches.

Resignation and Expulsion of a Member

6.01 A person is considered to have resigned from the Club if the Annual Subscription has not been paid by the due date. A person may also resign from the Club in writing, or when cleared to another Club.

7.01. Subject to these Rules, the Committee may be resolution:-

Expel a member from the Club.

I. Suspend a member from membership of the Club for a specified time.

II. fine a member in accordance with the regulations (not exceeding $20.00) if the Committee is of the opinion the member -

a) Has refused or neglected to comply with these rules

b) Has been guilty of conduct unbecoming a member or prejudicial to the interests of the Association.

7.02 A resolution of the Committee under sub-clause (1):-

a) Does not take affect unless the Committee, at a meeting held not earlier that 14 and not later than 28 days after the service of the member of a notice under sub-clause (3) under this clause does not take effect unless the Club confirms the resolution in accordance with this clause.

b) Where the member exercises a right of appeal to the Club under this clause doses not take effect unless the Club confirms the resolution in accordance with this clause.

7.03 Where the Committee passes a resolution under sub-clause (1) the Secretary shall, as soon as practicable, cause to be served on the member a notice in writing :-

a) setting out the resolution of the Committee and the grounds on which it was based

b) stating that the member may address the Committee at a meeting to be held not earlier than 14 but not later than 28 days after service of the notice

c) stating the date, place and time of the meeting

d) informing the member that he may do one or more of the following

I. attend the meeting

II. give to the Committee before the date of that meeting a written statement seeking revocation of the resolution

III.not later than 24 hours before the date of the meeting, lodge with the Secretary a notice to the effect that he wishes to appeal to the Association in general meeting against the resolution

7.04 At a meeting of the Committee held in accordance with sub-clause (2), the Committee:-

a) shall give the member an opportunity to be heard

b) shall give due consideration to any written statement submitted by the member, and

c) shall by resolution determine whether to confirm or revoke the resolution

7.05 Where the Secretary receives a notice under sub-clause (3), he shall notify the Committee and the Committee shall convene a general meeting of the Club to be held within 21 days after the date on which the Secretary received the notice.

7.06 At a general meeting of the Club convened under sub-clause (5) –

a) no business other than the question of the appeal shall be transacted;

b) the Committee shall place before the meeting details of the grounds for the resolution and the reasons for the passing of the resolution;

c) the member shall be given the opportunity to be heard; and

d) The members present shall vote by secret ballot on the question whether the resolution should be confirmed or revoked.

7.07 If at the general meeting:-

a) two-thirds of the members vote in person or by proxy in favour of the confirmation of the resolution, the resolution is confirmed; and

b) In any other case, the resolution is revoked.

Annual General Meeting

8.01 The Club shall in each calendar year convene an Annual General Meeting of its members.

8.02 The Annual General Meeting shall be held in May each year.

8.03 The Annual General Meeting shall be specified as such in the notice convening it.

8.04 The ordinary business of the Annual General Meeting shall be :-

a) to confirm the minutes of the last preceding Annual General Meeting and any general meeting held since that meeting;

b) to receive from the Committee reports upon the transactions of the Club during the last financial year;

c) to elect Executive of the Club and the ordinary members of the Committee; and

d) to receive and consider the statement submitted by the Club in accordance with section 30(3) of the Act.

8.05 The Annual General Meeting may transact special business of which notice is given in accordance with these rules.

8.06 The Annual General Meeting shall be in addition to any other general meetings that may be held in the same year.

Special General Meeting

9.01 All general meetings other than the Annual General Meeting shall be called Special General Meetings.

10.01 The Committee may, whenever it thinks fit, convene a Special General Meeting of the Club and where, but for sub-clause, more than 15 months would lapse between Annual General Meetings, shall convene a Special General Meeting before expiration of that period.

10.02 The Committee shall, on the requisition in writing of members, representing not less than 5% of the total members, convene a Special General Meeting of members.

10.04 If the Committee does not cause a Special General Meeting to be held within one month after the date on which the requisitions is sent to the address of the Secretary, the members making the requisition, or any of them, may convene a Special General Meeting to be held not later than three months after that date.

10.05 A Special General Meeting convened by members in pursuance of these rules shall be convened in the same manner as nearly as possible as that in which those meetings are convened by the Committee and all reasonable expenses incurred in convening the meeting shall be refunded by the Club to the persons incurring the expenses.

Notice of Meeting

11.01 The Secretary of the Club shall, at least 14 days before the date fixed for holding a General Meeting of the Club, cause to be sent to each member of the Club, a notice by pre-paid post or email stating the place, date and time of the meeting and all nature of the business to be transacted at the meeting.

11.02 No business other than that set out in the notice convening the meeting shall transacted at the meeting.

11.03 A member desiring to bring any business before a meeting may give notice of that business in writing to the Secretary, who shall include that business in the notice calling the next General Meeting after the receipt of the notice.

Proceedings at Meetings

12.01 All business that is transacted at a Special General Meeting and all business that is transacted at the Annual General Meeting with the exception of that specially referred to in these Rules as being the ordinary business of the Annual General Meeting shall be deemed to be special business.

12.02 No item of business shall be transacted at a General Meeting unless a quorum of members entitled under these Rules to vote is present during the time when the meeting is considering that item.

12.03 Five (5) members personally present (being members entitled under these Rules to vote a General Meeting constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of the General Meeting.

12.04 If within half an hour after the appointed time for the commencement of a General Meeting, a quorum is not present, the meeting if convened upon the requisition of members shall be dissolved and in any case shall stand adjourned to the same day in the next week at the same time and (unless another place as specified by the Chairman at the time of the adjournment or by written notice to the members given before the day to which the meeting is adjourned) at the some place and if at the adjourned meeting the quorum is not present (being not less than 3) shall be a quorum.

13.01 The President, or in his absence, the Vice President, shall preside as Chairman at each General Meeting of the Club.

13.02 If the President and the Vice-President are absent from a general meeting, the members present shall elect one of their number to preside as Chairman at the meeting.

14.01 The Chairman of a General Meeting at which a quorum is present may, with the consent of the meeting, adjourn the meeting from time to time and place to place, but no business shall be transacted at an adjourned meeting other than the business left unfinished at the meeting which the adjournment took place.

14.02 Where a meeting is adjourned for 14 days or more, a like notice of the adjourned meeting shall be given as in the case of the General Meeting.

14.03 Except as provided in sub-clause (1) and (2), it is not necessary to give notice of an adjournment of the business to be transacted at an adjourned meeting.

15.01 A question arising at a General Meeting of the Club shall be determined on a show of hands and unless before or on the declaration of the show of hands a poll is demanded, a declaration by the Chairman that a resolution has, on a show of hands, been carried unanimously or carried by a particular majority, or lost, and an entry to that effect in the Minute Book of the Club is evidence of the fact, without proof of the number or proportion of the votes recorded in favour of, or against, that resolution.

16.01 Upon any question arising at a General Meeting of the Club, a member has only one vote.

16.02 All votes shall be given personally or by proxy.

16.03 In the case of equality of voting on a question, the Chairman of the meeting is entitled to exercise a second, or casting vote.

17.01 If at a meeting a Poll on any question by not less than three members, it shall be taken at that meeting in such a manner as the Chairman may direct and the resolution of that Poll shall be deemed to be a resolution of the meeting on that question.

17.02 A Poll that is demanded on the election of a Chairman or on a question of adjournment shall be taken forthwith and a Poll that is demanded on any other question shall be taken at such time before the close of the meeting as the Chairman may direct.

18.01 A member is not entitled to vote at any general meeting unless all monies due and payable by him to the Club have been paid, other than the amount of the Annual Subscription payable in respect of the current financial year.

19.01 Each member shall be entitled to appoint another member as his proxy by notice given to the Secretary no later than 24 hours before the time of the meeting in respect of which the proxy is appointed.

19.02 The notice appointing the proxy shall be in the form set out in appendix 1.

Committee of Management

20.01 The affairs of the Club shall be managed by a Committee of Management constituted as provided in Rule 21.

20.02 The Committee:-

a) Shall control and manage the business and affairs of the Club.

b) May, subject to these Rules, the Regulations and the Act, exercise all such powers and functions as may be exercised by the Club other than those powers and functions that are required by these Rules to be exercised by general meetings of the members of the Club, and

c) Subject to these Rules, the Regulations and the Act, has the Power to Perform all such acts and things as appear to the Committee to be essential for the proper management of the business and affairs of the Club.

21.01 The Executive of the Club shall be:-

a) President

b) Vice-President

c) Treasurer

d) Secretary

e) Assistant Secretary

f) Assistant Treasurer

21.02 The Provisions of Rule 23 so far as they are applicable and with the necessary modifications, apply to and in relation to the election of persons to any of the Executive mentioned on sub-clause(1).

21.03 Each Executive Member of the Club shall hold office until the Annual General Meeting next after the date of election, but is eligible for re-election.

21.04 In the event of a casual vacancy in any office referred to in sub-clause (1), the Committee may appoint one of its members to the vacant office and the member so appointed may continue in office up to and including the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting next following the date of his/her appointment.

22.01 Subject to section 23 of the Act, the Committee shall consist of :-

a) the Executive of the Club; and

b) 8 ordinary members

each of whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association in each year.

22.02 Each ordinary member of the Committee shall, subject to these Rules, hold office until the Annual General Meeting next after the date of election, but is eligible for re-election.

22.03 In the event of a casual vacancy occurring in the office of an ordinary member of the Committee, the Committee may appoint a member of the Club to fill the vacancy and the member so appointed shall hold office, subject to these Rules, until the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting next following the date of his/her appointment.

22.04 In the event of a Senior Coach being appointed, he/she shall be deemed a Committee member with full voting rights.

22.05 A list of all Committee members names and telephone numbers shall be displayed within the pavilion.

Election of Executive and Vacancy

23.01 Nomination of candidates for election as Executive of the club or as ordinary members of the committee:-

a) Shall be made in writing signed by one member of the club and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate on form in Appendix 2 (which may be endorsed on the form of nomination) and

b) Shall be delivered to the Secretary of the Club not later than seven days before the date fixed for the holding of the Annual General Meeting.

23.02 If insufficient nominations are received to fill all vacancies on the Committee, the candidate nominated shall be deemed to be elected and further nominations shall be received at the Annual General Meeting.

23.03 If the number of nomination received is equal to the number of vacancies to be filled, the persons nominated shall be deemed to be elected.

23.04 If the number of nomination exceeds the number of vacancies to be filled, a ballot shall be held.

23.05 The ballot for the election of Executive and ordinary members of the Committee shall be conducted at the Annual General Meeting in such usual and proper manner as the Committee may direct.

23.06 A nomination of a candidate for election under this clause is not valid if that candidate has been nominated appointed to for another office for the election at the same election.

24.01 For the purposes of these rules the office of an Executive of the Club or an ordinary member of the Committee becomes vacant if the Executive or member:-

a) Ceases to be a member of the Club

b) Becomes an insolvent under the administration within the companies (Victoria) code, or

c) Resigns office by notice in writing given to the Secretary.

Proceedings at Meetings

25.01 The Committee shall meet at least three times in each year at such time and place as the Committee may determine.

25.02 Special meetings may be convened by the President or any 4 of the members of the Committee.

25.03 Notice shall be given to the members of the Committee of any special meeting specifying the general nature of the business to be transacted and no other business shall be transacted at such a meeting.

25.04 Any 4 members of the Committee constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of a meeting of a Committee.

25.05 No business shall be transacted unless a quorum is present and within half and hour of the time appointed for the meeting a quorum is not present the meeting shall stand adjourned to the same place, day and time in the following week unless the meeting was a special meeting, in which case it lapses.

25.06 At meetings of the Committee:-

a) The President or in his absence the Vice-President shall preside, or,

b) If the President and Vice-President are absent, such one of the remaining members so the Committee as may be chosen by the members present shall preside.

25.07 Questions arising at a meeting of the Committee or of any sub-committee appointed by the Committee shall be determined on a show of hands or, if demanded by a member, by a poll taken in such a manner as the person presiding at the meeting may determine.

25.08 Each member present at a meeting of the Committee or Sub-Committee appointed by the Committee (including the person presiding at the meeting) is entitled to one vote, the person presiding may exercise a second or casting vote.

25.09 Written notice of each Committee Meeting shall be served on each Committee member by delivering it to him/her at a reasonable time before the meeting or by sending it by prepaid post to his/her address or via email at least two business days before the date of the meeting.

25.10 Subject to Rule 25.04 the Committee may act notwithstanding any vacancy of the Committee.


26.01 The Secretary of the Club shall keep resolutions and proceedings of each General Meeting and each Committee Meeting in books provided for that purpose with a record of persons present at the Committee Meetings.


27.01 The Treasurer of the Club:-

a) shall collect and receive all monies due to the Club

b) shall keep correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs of the Club with full details of all activities of the Club

27.02 The accounts and books referred to in Rule 27.01 shall be available for inspection by members.

Removal of Member of Committee

28.01 The Club in a General Meeting may by resolution remove any member of the Committee before the expiration of his/her term of office and appoint another member in his stead to hold office until the expiration of the term of the first mentioned member.

28.02 Where the member to whom a proposed resolution referred to in 28.01 makes representations in writing to the Secretary or President of the Club (not exceeding a reasonable length) and requests that they be notified to the members of the Club, the Secretary or the President may send a copy of the representations to each member of the Club, or if they are not to be sent the member may require that they be read out at the Meeting.


29.01 All cheques, drafts, bills of exchange, promissory notes and other negotiable instruments shall be signed by two members of the Executive.


30.01 The Common /Seal of the Club shall be kept in the Custody of the Secretary.

30.02 The Common Seal shall not be affixed to any instrument except by the authority so that the Committee and the affixing of the Common Seal shall be attested by the signature of either of two members of the Executive.

Alteration of Rules and Statement of Purpose

31.01 These Rules and the statement of purpose of the Club shall not be altered except in accordance with the Act.


32.01 A notice may be served by or on behalf of the Club on any member either personally to be sending it by post to the member at the address shown in the Register of Members

32.02 Where a document is properly addressed, prepaid and posted to a person as a letter, the document shall, unless the contrary is proved, be deemed to have been given to the person at the time at which the letter would have been delivered on the ordinary course of post.

Winding up or Cancellation

33.01 In the event of the winding up or the cancellation of the incorporation of the Club, the assets of the Club shall be distributed to a fund with similar objects or to a fund exclusively for charitable purposes.

Custody of Records

34.01 Except as otherwise provided in these rules, the Secretary shall keep in his custody or under his control all books, documents, and securities of the Club.


35.01 The funds of the Club shall be derived from the entrance fees, annual subscriptions, donations and such other sources as the Committee determines.

Appointment of Coaches and Team Leaders

36.01 The current Committee shall have the right to appoint a coach for the following season at any time.

36.02 The Captains and Vice-Captains for each senior team shall be proposed by the coach to the Committee, who shall then decide on these appointments.

36.03 A Captain is expected to carry out the trust shown by the Committee and has full authority players during the course of play. The Captain has the right to discipline Players on the field and if necessary, send the offending Players from the field. A written report is then to be sent to the Secretary, who will notify the President and Coach, who shall decide if a Penalty shall be imposed.

Appointment of Junior Team leaders

37.01 The Committee shall, by the end of September each year, appoint a Manager for each Junior Team fielded that season. The Manager shall have the responsibility of appointing the Captain and Vice-Captain in his/her care.

Selection Committee

38.01 The Selection Committee shall consist of all Senior Grade Captains, plus an independent representative appointed by the Committee as Chairman of Selectors. These appointments shall be for 12 months only.

38.02 In the event of a non-playing coach being appointed, he/she shall become a member of the Selection Committee.

38.03 The President shall be responsible for carrying out any General Committee directives on Player ineligibility due to breach of any Rule.

38.04 All eligible Players who have trained at least once a week must be given precedence over those who have not trained, or those who have trained unsatisfactorily.

38.05 The top three senior teams will be selected on merit. Fully financial senior members will be given preference in other senior grades before juniors are selected.

38.06 Any complaint regarding selection by a member shall be directed to the Chairman of Selectors. If the Chairman of Selectors feels the complaint justifies such action, he/she will report the matter to the Executive Committee for discussion.

38.07 Junior teams shall be selected by the Junior Managers.

Life Membership of the Club

39.01 The qualifications for Life Membership of the Club are:-

a) Ten years as a Senior Player

b) Ten years active service as an active member of the Club in, or as a combination of, a Player or administrative capacity or for services rendered in social or other activity which have been beneficial to the /club during the period of service.

39.02 Under exceptional circumstances where a member has fulfilled certain accepted qualifications, as outlined in sub-clause (1b), but is compelled to leave the Club, having not given ten years service, shall still be considered for Life Membership if at least eight years service has been given.

39.03 Final decisions regarding the nomination shall be the responsibility of the Committee, who will evaluate and give serious consideration and discussion on all known facts before conducting a secret ballot on the nomination. If necessary, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

39.04 Qualifications as stated in sub-clause (1) and (2) do not automatically entitle Life Membership and act as guidelines only for members wishing to make a nomination.

39.05 Life Membership shall be conferred on no more than two members per season.

39.06 Recipients of Life Membership shall be presented with a letter signed by the Executive of the Club with a suitable memento for the occasion as decided on by the Committee.

39.07 Life Members shall enjoy the privileges of membership, attend all meetings and speak on motions but, with the exception of Special General and Annual General Meetings, do not have voting rights.

Delegates to the D.V.C.A.

40.01 The Committee shall, before the 1st day of August each year, appoint two Delegates to the D.V.C.A.

Conduct, Protests and Disputes

41.01 Verbal or physical abuse to any members of the Club must be reported to the Committee, which will take action if necessary.

41.02 Players have the right to approach the Committee through the Players Representative, appointed by the Committee if objections arise in a Coaches or Captains manner of handling players. This will be the only accepted method of objection. Players on the field must nit indulge in verbal or physical abuse to opponents, umpires, team-mates, etc.

41.03 In the event of a dispute arising out of Club play, the person or persons involved shall bring the matter to the attention of the Players Representative, who will, if necessary refer the matter to the Executive Committee, who shall discuss the matter at the next General Meeting.

41.04 All members are bound by the Executive Committee decisions on fines or suspensions after the hearing of any evidence.

41.05 Any appeals must be made to the President in writing within 72 hours of the Executive Committee decision.

Rules of Play

42.01 The Club shall use the Rules of Cricket as laid down by the Diamond Valley Cricket Association Inc.


43.01 The Club shall each season award a batting and bowling trophy for all grades where a player has qualified as follows:-

a) In matches where matches are played over 80 overs per day, a bowler must play at least five matches and have bowled 500 balls and taken 20 wickets.

b) In any subsequent Senior Grade a bowler must play at least five matches and bowled 360 balls and taken 15 wickets.

c) In matches where matches are played over 80 overs per day, a batsman must have played at least 5 matches and made at least 250 runs.

d) In subsequent senior grades a batsman must have played at least 5 matches and made at least 200 runs.

e) In Under 18 and Under 16 Grades, the qualification for batting averages shall be at least four matches played and at least 150 runs, whilst bowling qualification shall be at least four matches and either 300 balls bowled or 20 wickets taken.

f) In subsequent Junior grades, the Manager of that team shall award three trophies to those considered most consistent.

43.02 Captains award to be awarded in each senior team, whilst a Coaches Award will be awarded to all Junior Teams.

43.03 Most Promising Award as so decided by the Committee after nomination by the Senior Coach each season.

43.04 Andrew “Vampire” Watson Best Clubman Award so decided by the Committee each season. To be nominated by any member of the Club at the end of February, and voted on by the Committee at the next Committee meeting by secret ballot if more than one nomination received.

43.05 Club Champion Award. This is to be awarded to the highest point scorer in the A Grade and Highest Junior Age teams only. The points system is:-

2 points for an unassisted wicket

1 point for an assisted wicket

1 point for a catch

1 point for a stumping

1 point for a run-out

0.1 point for every run

43.06 Lower Plenty Cricket Club Award. This award operates on the same points system as the Club Championship, however encompasses all grades. One award will be given in Senior Grades, and one in Junior grades. To qualify for the Junior award, a players will compile points in each age group he or she plays, but these points will not be aggregated for total points.

43.07 Junior Rising Star Award as decided on by the Committee after discussion with the Junior Co-Ordinator

43.08 Trophies to be awarded where the following are achieved:

  • Centuries/Hat Tricks
  • 10 Wickets in a match
  • 7 Wickets in an innings
  • 50th, 100th, 150th, 200th, 250, 300th Senior Match
  • 50th Junior Match

43.09 A suitable memento to be awarded to each Junior Player

43.10 Special Awards at the discretion of the Committee for contribution during the current season.

43.11 Peter “Tex” Tyrrell Best & Fairest Award. To be awarded to a senior player who receives the most votes during the current season. Votes shall be awarded 3,2,1 by either the Umpire or opposition captain and handed to the Secretary at the completion of each match in a sealed envelope.

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