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This year we're introducing a great new apparel range supported by a simple online ordering process.

Aside from playing gear, there's great looking hoodies, puffer jackets, social shirts, club caps, shorts and training gear - all at great prices. And new for 2022/23 are packages for training gear at a great price

Check out the range via the Merchandise Order Form button below (you don't have to order - you can just window shop).

Orders will be done in bulk. The first cut off Date for orders is 20th July 2022, for a delivery for Pre Season with hopefully a 2nd Order before the season

Any queries or suggestions, contact Alex Horner

Go to the above Merchandise Order Page . You will arrive at the landing page (pictured below)

Scroll down and select desired products from the product page (pictured below)

Select desired size and quantity, then select add to cart

Review Products and press "Checkout" to proceed

When in checkout, the first thing you need to do is apply the free shipping code of LOWERPCC in the "discount code" box of the order summary section. It is important that this is done as all orders will be individually packaged and delivered to the club for pick up.

Review your purchase and complete from there.

You will receive an invoice from email.

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